Client Testimonials...

“I wanted to give you a review too. I want to start back from my childhood. I had a very tough childhood. I don’t remember any day without pain and I wouldn’t understand why it was happening and now Im 26 and this pain started getting too strong to a point where I would feel that every cell in my body is paralysed and I wouldn’t be able to move.

This wasn’t just a paralysis, it was like it has such strong pain that it won’t allow me to move and I used to feel paralysed then I met you and the techniques you shared just released that pain within 2 days and I promise I haven’t felt this good ever.

This is my first time feeling this much better. I have started seeing life in a hopeful way.

I used to self-harm my self by cutting my arms. I just really wanted to die but I didn’t want anyone else to hurt so I just would cut myself to shift my pain on something else that I caused to myself not the people. I wouldn’t feel any hope at all and now after using your techniques Im able to finally release my pain and Im finally able to look into the goodness of life. Thankyou

I can’t thank you enough for what you have done to me. Roshana, Pakistan

“After just one session with Leah, my TMJ (The temporomandibular joint) pain was gone.

After dealing with this pain for three months and having numerous dental and doctor visits and courses of antibiotics  I was prepared to pay to go to a specialist, but I thought I would give Leah a try first.

Leah has an incredible skill to get to the cause of any issue and release it, after our session I woke up the next morning and the pain had gone, it has been over a month and it hasn’t returned, no recording needed.

Truly amazing Leah, thank you so much.”

Jeanie, Nth Melbourne, VIC, Australia

” I had an RTT session with Leah a couple of days ago and I am amazed and full of gratitude for her wonderful insights and healing.

Leah is a compassionate, sensitive and generous therapist who quickly got to the root cause of my teeth grinding, helped me to understand where it was coming from and then gave me the insight to heal myself.

I’m already seeing great results only a few days after my session with her and I’m looking forward to be finally free of teeth grinding in the coming weeks!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Followup: “Wanted to let you know that the teeth grinding has gone!!! Thank you so much for your amazing sessions, I am hugely grateful 🙂 x”

Emma Gosling, London, England

“Leah helped me clear trauma related blocks so I could be in daily action to build my business. I’ve seen more clients in the last month than in the last four years. I’m also sleeping better and waking up earlier without an alarm!”

Hilary, Therapist, USA

“Do you know since my session with you I have not felt like or eaten any chocolate!!!!!
You are amazing!!!”
Jean, Geelong, VIC, Australia

“I want to make sure you know that your session with me was incredibly powerful and I appreciate it very much.  I really do.  I used to always have this deep feeling like a pain in my heart when I felt sad or down and that has gone completely and never returned and you did it in one session which is pretty f***ing amazing if you ask me.”
K, Texas, USA

" What an incredible experience working with Leah! I started out feeling so discouraged about life, wanting to hide, running away from it all and just to feel normal again.

In the beginning I was so scared to put myself out there and show who I really was to my core. I had also been working on improving my health and still struggling with pain despite the diet changes I had made from food allergies.

Thanks to hypnosis the pain is gone, it has made the changes in my diet easier, and taking care of myself enjoyable.

I am beyond grateful to Leah for helping me to stop running away from my past and hiding behind it, for finally helping to find and release the pain, shame and heaviness that the past had created in my heart, body, and soul.

I love now being able to feel light, free, and to love every single part of my story and who it has helped me become.

Working with Leah and finding the root causes through hypnosis has completely turned my life around and to stop running away from me!

If you have the chance and privilege to work with Leah, please do, you will not regret it! "
Ashley, UT, USA

“I wanted Hypnoses for my limited beliefs that Im finding is holding me back from taking my business to the next level and effecting my relationships.

Before starting the Hypnoses with Leah I thought that it may not work as I can find it hard to relax and go under as I like to feel in control.

Leah was really great at reassuring me and making me feel at ease as I never know if its working.

 With Leah I could feel it was working and she talked me through it so I new the signs she has such a relaxing voice It was mazing I was blown away with the experience even straight after I felt amazing.

I love the recording that I get to listen every day its making a big difference I look forward to listening to it daily

I highly recommend Leah and wouldn’t think twice in doing it again if I feel I need to work through anything else in my life that I need help with.

If you are considering hypnoses, give it a try – it does work. ”

Heidi Roberts, UK

"Thanks a lot for the recording! I’m so excited about that! Feel the transformation already inside me. Last night, I thought, no I felt, that those anxieties of public speaking and the uncomfy feeling when people look at me doesn’t make sense anymore. I was so sure all the time that they are true and no they totally don’t make sense to me anymore. That’s awesome!" Nela Rammler, Austria

“Thank you Leah!!!  I didn’t know confidence could be this easy.
Georgina, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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